Alejandro Briones M.

Alejandro Briones has over 24 years of management consulting experience spanning the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. In particular, he has worked as Project Manager with Booz Allen & Hamilton (5 years in New York and 4 years in London), one of the most prestigious international consulting firms. Since 2003 and up to the present time, he works as partner for G. Bitrán & Asociados, in the areas of Applied Economics, Management and Strategy.

As such he has extensive experience in the design, coordination and implementation of programs in the areas of ​​business development, strategic management, organizational development and management control. His clients include large multinationals, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies in various sectors, such as Monsanto, ExxonMobil, Norsk Hydro, ABN Amro, and BP, as well as government entities in Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia. Additionally, he has developed projects which have had a great impact in medium and large-scale national companies, such as Enap, Aguas Andinas, Cementos Melón, VTR, ING, Santiago Ceramics, Andromaco Laboratories, Fundación Chile among others.

As a lecturer, he has taught as a Professor of Strategic Management, International Strategy, and European Business for Gabriela Mistral University’s evening MBA program between 2004 and 2010. He is currently a member of the faculty of the Universidad del Desarrollo as a Professor of the Entrepreneurship Project—an academic activity that runs concurrently with the MBA throughout its 18-month duration.

Mr. Briones holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Chile, majoring in Economics, and a MBA from the University of Chicago.

He is a board member of Transvip, a transportation company, and of NBS Solutions, a start-up in the area of ​​Business Intelligence belonging to the Said group.