Commercial litigation

GBA has extensive experience in commercial litigation either between companies or between companies and governments. This experience comes from nearly two decades of working closely with the largest law firms in Chile and the region, in the context of long-term partnerships.

In order to safeguard the credibility of our clients and our independence, we put special emphasis on building solid cases, based on factual, in-depth and defensible analysis. We avoid collaborating in artificial or forced cases, always taking care to protect the good name of both our clients and our own.

We seek innovative approaches that are able to sustain cases from multiple angles, with alternative supporting lines of argument as well as with creative and effective analysis. Special care is taken to support each of our lines of argument and analysis in order to protect the credibility of our clients. We collaborate closely with the legal teams at different stages of the cases, taking decisive action to the fullest extent possible, within the bounds of our own assessment, in anything that might assist the cases we represent.

Service types

  • Economic diagnosis in current or potential cases.
  • Design of economic defense; conceptual and factual basis
  • Support to the legal team in the construction of cases.
  • Economic reports.
  • Participation as expert witnesses.
  • Critical analysis of economic reports submitted by third parties.

Example projects

  • Strategic advice in arbitration litigation between Sacyr and the State of Chile
    Advisory in litigation related to higher costs incurred in the construction of a toll road concession.
    Client: Sacyr Chile.
  • Economic report in dispute between the water and sanitation company ESVAL and Econssa
    Economic report and participation as expert witness in litigation arising from the interpretation of the main economic aspects of an O&M contract of a water and sanitation concession.
    Client: ESVAL