Damages valuation

Antitrust and commercial litigation as well as commercial disputes and conflicts within the framework of consumer protection laws result in class action cases aimed at obtaining compensations for damages. GBA works in close coordination with the most reputed law firms in the country and the region to build strategies for such cases and to calculate damages, whether supporting the plaintiff or the defendant.

To do this, we employ modern, highly sophisticated techniques, strongly anchored in economic and commercial evidence. We build lines of economic reasoning underlying legal defenses, providing arguments, national and international precedents, economic and financial analysis, using state of the art graphic techniques to convey complex concepts in a clear and simple way so that they are accessible to judges and arbitration panels that might lack an economic background.

Service types

  • Economic diagnosis in current or potential cases.
  • Design of economic defense; conceptual and factual basis
  • Support of the legal team in case building.
  • Economic reports.
  • Participation as expert witnesses.
  • Critical analysis of economic reports submitted by third parties.

Example projects

  • Damage Valuation Report in a ruling regarding competition and antitrust against British American Tobacco
    Defense of British American Tobacco by first instance law suit filed against it by Philip Morris.
    Client: British American Tobacco.
  • Economic report in dispute on compensation for damages caused by the shutdown of a natural gas power plant
    Execution of economic report and acting as expert witness in insurance indemnity suit between Colbún S.A. and the Chilean Consolidated General Insurance Company.
    Client: Colbún S.A.