Unfair trade

The opening of markets around the world and the consequent intensification of international trade has had the unintended consequence of the emergence of unfair trade practices, that can take place at company or country level. The criteria and rules of the WTO, adopted by the large majority of countries, enable nations and industries to take measures in order to correct the effects of these practices—characterized either as dumping or subsidies—as well as to repair the damage caused by rapid increases in imports, that threaten the survival of certain industries in a country—through the imposition of safeguards.

GBA supports companies and trade associations in the preparation, presentation and defense of unfair trade cases, designing the best strategy from an economic standpoint, defining the type and magnitude of the measure to apply, developing the supporting economic reports, and presenting cases to the authorities concerned through formal channels. GBA also supports its clients in bringing their cases to the attention of the different stakeholders and decision makers involved.

Service types

  • Case analysis and development of economic diagnoses
  • Study of the particular situation of companies and industries
  • Design of economic defense strategies
  • Selection of the type of case to be submitted—dumping, subsidies or safeguards—and of the protection measure to be requested
  • Economic reports and presentations
  • Support in the processing of cases.
  • Coordination with legal teams
  • Support the companies in the presentation and communication of their cases to the competent authorities.

Example projects

  • Design and presentation of an unfair trade case for wheat flour imported from Argentina
    Construction and presentation of a case of dumping against Argentine wheat flour
    Client: Asociación de Molineros del Centro A.G.
  • Design and presentation of an unfair trade case related to alloy steel wire rod imports from China
    Construction and presentation of a safeguard case against Chinese steel wire rod
    Client: Compañía Siderúrgica Huachipato, subsidiary of CAP S.A.