“Their ability to reduce complex problems to simple concepts is truly impressive and something not seen in other firms in this country”. –Law Firm Partner

“We seek to work with GBA in all matters involving the handling or understanding of economic matters”. –Law Firm Partner

“Probably the most outstanding attribute of GBA is its intense work capacity, its ability to integrate and lead teams in diverse and technically sophisticated matters, and its rare skill of finding simple solutions to complex problems and conflicts”. –Executive President of an Industrial Trade Association

“For us, GBA defines out-of-the-box thinking. They never fail to surprise us with a totally different approach to the subject under study”. –Law Firm Partner

“GBA’s experience is reflected not only in the quality and depth of its work but also in the insight of its advice”. –General Manager Energy Company

“GBA engages in our problems and challenges as if they were their own. They always seek and finds a way to contribute decisively to the success of our objectives”. –President of a company listed in the Stock Exchange.

“GBA are economic advisers in the broadest sense: technical soundness combined with thoughtful and strategic analysis to obtain the best possible result”. –Law Firm Partner