Cristian Prado G.

Cristian Prado has been a member of the GBA team since 2014, a Principal between 2018 and 2022 and a Partner since 2022.

His work is focused on the areas of regulatory design, competition and antitrust, asset valuation, commercial and regulatory litigation, international trade legislation and intellectual property economics.

Cristian has taken and led engagements across various economic sectors, including infrastructure concessions, the financial industry, the steel industry, the power sector, water and sanitation, natural gas, pay television, healthcare and the agri-food industry, among others.

At G. Bitrán & Asociados, he has advised significant Chilean and international corporations, including Transelec, Bupa International, Aguas Andinas, Colbún, Citibank, Atco Group, SQM (the world’s leading producer of Lithium), Scotiabank, Wintershall, VTR – Liberty Media, CAP, Cervecerías Chile, Celeo Redes, Engie, Agrosuper, Codelco, Gerdau AZA, Mastercard, AFP Modelo, Sonacol, Clinica Las Condes, DirecTV (Chile & Argentina), Transvip, Cargill (the largest privately held corporation in the U.S.), Sacyr, Astaldi, Southern Cross (Chilean private equity firm), Agrosuper, Praxair and Linde. He has advised business unions including Acceso TV (the Association of Subscription Television Operators), Acesol (Chilean Solar Energy Association) and the Association of Flour Milling Companies and has testified in Chilean civil and arbitration courts and before the International Chamber of Commerce. Cristian has also acted as a consultant to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning in Chile and for Cerema in Nantes, France in the development and implementation of urban and transportation systems models.

Mr. Prado graduated from the University of Chile with “Maximum Distinction” as a Civil Engineer. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from École Centrale de Nantes, France (Ingénieur Diplômé), a Master of Science Degree from the University of Chile (where his academic worked was centered in advanced demand modeling methods), a Diploma in Business Administration from the Universidad Católica de Chile, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics for Competition Law from King’s College London (England), with Merit Distinction. He is fluent in Spanish, English and French.